Crossrail ups HGV cycle safety Procedures

Crossrail is the buggest engineering project in europe, estimated

to cost £14.8bn. Due for completion in 2018, it will run a total of

118KM (73miles) between west london and east london and connect 37

stations, including Heathrow airport. The project currently has over

20 worksites.


Following a spate of accidents involving cyclists across the capital,

Crossrail have set a mandatory contractor requirement that all

HGV's working on the project are fitted with sensors and other

safety equipment to alert drivers of cyclists. Vehicles not complaint

will be turned away from Crossrail construction sites with the

contractor liable for any costs incurred. This applies to HGVs

operated directly by a contractor or on their behalf by a haulier.

So what are the requirements and how can MC Construction Help?

Operators MUST fit:


  • Blind spot proximity sensors.

          MC Constructions Sidescan ultrasonic sensor system informs the

          driver of the distance between the vehicle and any obstacles,

          whether moving or stationary. The 4 sensor system is fitted to

          the side of the vehicle increasing safety when turning or low

          speed manoeuvring.

  • Audible warning to the driver to alert of a cyclist

          in the near side blind spot.

          MC Constructions Sidescan ultrasonic sensor system includes a 3

          stage audible buzzer which is fitted in the cab.

  • Warning the cyclists. 

          MC Constructions Left turn alarm provides a real speech warning to the

          cyclist - "Caution, vehicle turning left"

  • Visibility of side/nearside blind spot

          MC Construction camera monitor systems can provide all round visibility

          of blind spots. Side view cameras meet the requirements of EU

          blind spot directive 2007/38/EC & 2003/97/EC (Class IV & V)

  • Rear warning sign for cyclists and pedestrians
  • Side under-run guards


Truck fleet Spec Sheet
Cross Rail Spec for Truck's
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