Builders Mate

Pegasus has a range of diamond blades, used for a number of different materials. When you need affordability and cutting power, the Builders Mate is perfect for you. This diamond cutting tool from our Craftsman range combines value for money with exceptional performance. The Craftsman Builders Mate Diamond blade is the best quality diamond blade you can get on the market today for this price range. Bearing this in mind, take a look at the materials it is capable of cutting, then look below at the prices. A lot of construction suppliers wouldn’t even come close to this price range for a product with such a proven success record.

Product Code  DIAMETER (mm)  Bore (mm) List Price (£)
CBM100 100  16.0  £10.80 
CBM115  115  22.2 £12.25
CBM125  125  22.2 £13.00
CBM230 230 22.2 £29.50
CBM320 300 20.0 £48.00
CBM322 300 22.2 £48.00
CBM350 350 25.4PH £100.00
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